Research Mapping Days 3-5

Saturday was travel day for me.  Before going to the airport, Mark and I returned to the mall for a little last minute shopping.  The mall was a zoo and it was very difficult hearing in there.  I did Ok but nothing spectacular.  I did realize that my volume was on 9 (with my clinical map it is set at 6-7 by default) so it made me wonder if maybe I needed to turn that down.  I decided that I would experiment and see if that made a difference.  All of this is “new” to me because I have pretty much been a turn on processor and go girl for a long time.  I don’t normally change volume or sensitivity and usually only change my program to beam/focus when in restaurants with my hubby.

Airport was a breeze.  I heard well and even got into a conversation with a TSA agent and a guy behind me in line.  It was the TSA agent’s birthday and I told them that mine was Sunday so I had several TSA agents wish me a happy birthday as I made my way through security.  I did have a problem on the plane hearing the flight attendant, however, it had nothing to do with the research map—my battery died on my processor and I was too busy playing a game on my Kindle to notice.  After changing the batteries, I heard the pilot loud and clear say “we are here” and was happy to be back in Ohio even though I still had a 1 ½ drive home.

I was actually looking forward to the drive home as I knew my free Sirus radio subscription was expiring that night and I wanted to see how my Margaritaville radio station sounded with this research map.  As has been my experience from the first day the radio sounded awesome.  I don’t know what it is but the beats/instruments/melodies/words just sound so clear and uncomplicated.  It was a great way to say good bye to my Sirus subscription.

Sunday I could hear well in church although the choir was not as good as I had hoped.  Not sure whether they are just not great or if it was me (maybe it they had played Jimmy Buffet music it would have been better).  In the afternoon we went to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate my birthday.  There was a group of five of us and the restaurant was celebrating Cinco de Mayo.  It was busy and noisy so it was challenging.  Again I left my processors on my everyday program rather than changing to my usual beam/focus.  I only had trouble with my cousin who has a high pitched female voice—the three male voices and server came through loud and clear.
My favorite cousin and her husband celebrating my birthday and Cinco de Mayo with us.

One of my favorite shows—The Great Race—was concluding their season and I heard the TV very well.  Was it better than before, I don’t know but there was no degrading of my comprehension.

Monday’s discoveries were that the keys on my keyboard sound different—not in a bad or good way.  There was more clanking/plastic sound.  Sometimes I am not sure whether these things are catching my attention because of the sounds they are making or because I am trying to be so conscious of what I am hearing.  The biggest obstacle for the day was finding a radio station that played music that I liked.  Before my Sirus subscription I always listened to talk radio but I have become a music junkie.  I didn’t find anything that I really like but will keep searching.  Suggestions anyone???

After five days my overall observations are that I know something is different, however, other than music being better I can’t really say that I am hearing better or worse or know what is different.  As with every new mapping it takes time to adjust and I think this research map is no different.  I wish I had done an Angel Sound session last week before I left and then did one now to see if there was a difference.  I know I will be tested again in 4 weeks at Vandy but never hurts to do a little experimenting.  I think tomorrow I am going to try two things:  using the phone with the research map and listening to my Ipod (books and music) with my research map.  I normally use the phone with the other ear because the one that has the research map is my “weaker” ear.

Thanks for following along and the comments.  Will be back in a few days.

Have a great week everyone.



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