Ear Two–3 week observations

Gosh I didn’t realize that it had been three weeks since I posted.  Things have improved, however, there is still a ssssss quality.  A couple of Sundays ago, while I was supposed to be concentrating on the message of the Gospel/sermon, I found myself listening for the ssssss.  It helped me realize that it was in deed the s sound rather than the sh or th that I initially thought.  It is more pronounced at the beginning and end of a word than in the middle.  I also think it makes a difference what letter preceds and follows it.  In going back and looking at the Gospel for that Sunday I remember that the words sin and loves were very ssssy (wonder if there was a hidden message there), but the words ceased and suppose were not.  I suppose I should have made notes after mass so I could remember better.

That same Sunday we went to dinner for Father’s Day and it was a struggle to hear my son.  He does not speak very loudly, however, until this mapping I did pretty well hearing him.  It was a busy restaurant and that added to the difficulty.  The ear has improved since that Sunday 10 days ago.  At that point I was still catching myself thinking that I was talking funny but I realized today that I don’t notice it as much.  I also today tried for the first time to use this ear (right) for the phone—something I have not been able to do since getting the Vandy map almost 4 weeks ago (remember it was a disaster when I tried to use it on day 1).  My husband called me on my office phone and I could in fact hear and understand him—I was delighted.  My right ear has been my phone ear for almost 8 years—it was not my phone ear pre CI and was my weaker ear pre CI so getting used to using the left ear has been interesting.  At this point I feel like I could probably use either ear equally as well—one phone for each ear.  NOT.

Music is still the joy of the entire experience.  After 8 phone calls, I have restored my Sirus radio subscription (imagine a family having two Chevrolet cars—they put it on the wrong car and then no one told me to turn off my blue tooth phone when trying to activate the radio signal).  Happy to be enjoying Margaritaville again.  I have tried to see if one Vandy ear and one clinical ear sound different than two Vandy ears (always leaving the left on Vandy since that is the one that just blew me away with music).  There is a difference but as of now I can’t explain it.  Over the next few weeks my mission is to play with the ears and music.  I also want to try just the right ear with the Vandy map and music to see if there is a difference.  So Jimmy Buffett here I come–too bad I can’t experiment in Key West on the beach.

If I were asked this very moment if I was going to keep the Vandy map on the right, the answer would be sort of.  At the moment, I am thinking about asking for my clinical maps back in 1-3 and keeping the Vandy map in 4.  Now don’t hold me to this as we all know it is a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.  I have a few weeks to think about it—this round is a little longer due to vacations and 4th of July but maybe that is not all bad either because it is forcing me to give this ear more of a chance.  I think it is really important to remember that this is my STAR ear.  From day one it has performed beyond anyone’s expectations so expecting something to be better is a bit unrealistic.  It may happen when I do the testing in a couple of weeks (there is room for the test scores to go high—just not much).  From an everyday standpoint this map is not on par with my clinical map.  Will improvement come in the next few weeks—we shall see—I do know that it has improved in the last 10 days or so.  It is no secret that I have been struggling with this Vandy ear and there have been times when I have been really frustrated.  I has, however, in some ways made more humble because it has reminded me that I didn’t always hear so well.

Sorry no pictures.  Busy week.  Thanks for reading,





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