PS To Yesterday’s Post

I forgot something when I wrote yesterday.

In an effort to turn down some of the ssssy sound, I have been experimenting with turning down my sensitivity.  Especially with this right ear, I seldom mess with volume or sensitivity but I thought I would give it a try.  Turning down sensitivity did help the sssssy sound, however, it also did exactly what it is supposed to, it lowered all the sounds I am hearing.  I then tried turning up volume with the sensitivity down and that helped but it still was not to my liking.  Doing all of this made me also realize that in the instance of this ear, my over all sound level has been lowered by turning off the electrodes–something that I did not experience on the left side.

For many lowering the over all sound might not be a bad thing, however, I like (and perhaps have just gotten used to it) lots of volume. I grew up in a home with a hearing impaired mother so we were used to speaking loudly so I like it that way.  If you will remember, I have only ADRO on my everyday program unlike many others (especially newer recipients).  I know several people who were activated 7-8 years ago before the combination smart sounds came out and they too prefer ADRO alone for their everyday program.  Adding other smart sounds to my everyday program suppressed the sound too much for me.  Another factor that might be coming into play is the fact that I have Freedom processors so my microphones are different than the N5 microphones.  Makes me wonder if when I upgrade to the N6 if I too will want something else put on with ADRO for my everyday progam.

I think if there is a lesson learned it is that one size does not fit all and the more things we try and the more educate ourselves as to the possibilities the better our opportunities.  I fully suspect that when I upgrade to the N6 I will not like them initially but certainly I have learned our brain is a very pliable organ (even at my age) and we do adjust.  Even this Vandy map on the right side is something I could live with if I had to but might not be my preference in a few weeks when I go back.

Time will tell.  Thanks again!!!!


4 thoughts on “PS To Yesterday’s Post

  1. Connie, I would think that the most likely reason for the unpleasant ‘s’ sound is not the entire new map, but one (or more?) high frequency electrodes that is out of balance with the others. Did the Vandy audiologist sweep the array after turning off the experimental electrodes to ensure that all were in balance as they’re currently positioned in their new ‘side-by-side’ order? Just a thought.

  2. Camille,

    The audiologist did not do any sweeps, however, I don’t think there was a need to do them. There were absolutely no changes made to my maps by Vandy other than turning off the five electrodes so the T & C levels were not changed nor was there a need to change them. Now that is not to say that turning off the electrodes did not make one of the other electrodes sound louder. I suppose they could have done sweeps of different pairs/groups of electrodes to see if they were balanced.

    The only change Vandy has made for me was to turn electrodes off–no other mapping of any kind.



  3. Connie,
    Like Camille-I’m thinking that maybe one of those high pitch electrodes must be out of balance with the others. When I had just the Hybrid ci-one or more electrodes would be slightly louder and I would have the ssss sound with my high pitch words-that was an issue I dealt with a lot at the beginning. I also ended up having the 2 highest electrodes turned off on the Freedp, side because I couldn’t get rid of the ssss sounds with even lowering those 2 electrodes.
    The other thing I’m thinking about as I read your blog is the ability of the brain to adjust to different approaches to maps. I think that many recipients are surprised at how they continue to improve even after several years.
    I appreciate you sharing your experiences with us over the last few months. I’m sure Vanderbilt has gained much information through your recording and patience with the varieties of maps on earch ear.

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