Tomorrow I retire.  It has been an amazing job.   I remember my first day on the job when after a little training I was assigned my task—help you hear.  Those first magical words we heard–“can you hear me.”   Mike, Debby, and Dave all smiled, perhaps not totally realizing what a team we would make.     Those first days of our working together–the toilet flushing, music in the store, the fountain at Easton, clerk at the hotel and even the waitress at dinner–wow.    And that was just the beginning.  Eventually the work was so engaging that we brought another helper along and together the three of us performed admirably.

We meshed, we worked and eventually work was more about living than working.  We have made so many friends who work together for the same goal.  Rosemary and Justin at the first Celebration in Orlando, Suprya our CI daughter, the Columbus & Dayton crews (Margie, Dan, Sheri, Diane, Helen, Karla, Robin, Tom, John, Tracey, & more), and many others who we have never seen but share the same task.  And last but by no means least who could forget our CI sisters (Camille, Carol & Lil) who we share so much with–we never could have done the job we did without them. They were there for us in the early days and still remain some of our closest comrades.

Then there is the research trips we have done starting with that first trip to Seattle—traveling by plane alone, using a cell phone for the first time, maneuvering O’Hare, and then finding our shuttle and hotel.  What a feat after not even being on the job a year.  Then to our latest trip, ironically through O’Hare as well where we encounter cancelled flights, rude ticket agents, lost luggage, and a 1:30 am cab ride.  We are so appreciative of all those to do the research that allows us to do our job so well.

We have enjoyed sweet sounds–the I love yous, the excited sound of an announcement of a proposal or a baby on the way, a new love of music and even using the phone.  Even the simple sounds we have heard—television, Ipod, water, dryer signal, turn signal etc.  There also have been the miserable sounds—those of a divorce announcement or a lost baby.  But all in all we have worked hard to do a job.

So tomorrow, after 8 years, three months, and 7 days I retire.  There has not been one single day we haven’t produced sound since that amazing day in November of 2005.  I hope that my replacement serves you well but always know that I will be waiting in the wings if you need me in a pinch.

Love,  Your Freedom Processors



1 thought on “Retirement

  1. What an endearing tribute to the amazing technology that enabled you to take a trip down a road you never imagined you would travel, and to those who followed your journey as a new world of hearing opportunities unfolded before you. There will be some exciting adventures in your journey as the road continues on a different path with new processors, your first upgrade! All the best today as you experience their activation and continue to celebrate the sounds of life, love and friendship.

    And a toast to the Freedoms!
    ; ) Camille

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